17 January 2012

Wave 2/2012 Primed and Assembled!

Well, yesterday I assembled, based, and primed Wave 2 for this year. I made some changes in where the mechs are going, but that's ok. It's mostly because I can't stand House Davion, so I just can't paint up anything for that house.

2nd Com Guard Division
"The ComStar Angels"
Two Unseen: a BattleMaster and a Crusader. 2 Kanga jump tanks, and 12 Inner Sphere Standard Battle Armor for 2 squads. All together this makes a Level II unit. ComStar, unlike the other factions, truly uses combined arms.

Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai
"The Historian's Challenge"

4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry
"Lord Carson's Cavaliers"
Only a few for Liao this time. A Cataphract and an Unseen Warhammer are the two mechs and they're destined to finish off my House Ma-Tsu Kai lance. The vehicle is a Heavy LRM Carrier. He's headed for the 4th Brigade of McCarron's Armored Cavalry. I realized that between Ma-Tsu Kai and the Death Commandos that I had no way to field Liao vehicles. So, the Big Mac it is. Prior to the Xin Sheng, the Big Mac was a merc unit exclusive to the Capellan Confederation; afterwards, they're a house unit. Problem solved. Problem staying solved. The Big Mac Leads the way. :) 

IV Legio Comitatensis
"The Imperial Legionnaires"
Originally the plan was for these four to be a lance in the 3rd Davion Guards. Now they're an under-strength century in the Marian Hegemony (a century in the Marian legions is 5 vehicles or 'mechs). They're defintely a "dakka-dakka" unit (lots of autocannons). We have an unseen Shadow Hawk (-5M variant), a Victor, a Centurion, and a Hunchback. Not as quick as I see the IV Legio being (only 2 jumpers), but it might make a good strike lance, er, century.

1st Marik Militia
"The Avenging Angels"
The Knights of the Inner Sphere
"Death Before Dishonor"
And now to finish it off. First up, an Unseen Archer and a Longbow to finish off my Marik Militia Fire Lance. The Unseen Marauder is unassigned, although he might take the Orion's place for variety on occasion. That one was a spur of the moment decision. It's one of my plastics from the mid 90's and I've never been able to get rid of the gap where the hull comes together. So, I used Loctite Weld on it this time. And it still had a frelling gap! So, I used some more putty to fill in the gap and we'll go with it as is. I'm also considering this one as a lone Knight of the Inner Sphere, sort of like my Death Commando Atlas. He's definitely the last on the list to get painted, so maybe. To finish it off, 8 Inner Sphere BA (to make 2 squads) in Marik Militia colors.

And that's all for now. Until next time!


Sylvaeon said...

I have been lax in doing miniatures... time to get back in the saddle.

BTW, it was cool gaming with you again last night :)


Anthony N. Emmel said...

We seem to be doing 3-4 rooms an adventure. Maybe we'll clear this place yet! :)

St Gibson Official said...

Great reeading your blog post