01 January 2012

(Battletech) 2011 Year End Report

Well, I decided to get back into BT after a 14-15 year hiatus in October. So, I have yet to do much. In fact, I haven't done anything really, but I do have a palette in chaos. :)

All are W.I.P. Starting at the bottom left:

Stalker. 1st Marik Militia.

Atlas. Liao Death Commandos.

Highlander. Comstar 2nd Army. A little about him. He's my first Highlander (and mech!) that I bought when I was in the Army....maybe 1989? Anyway, he's been in an ugly green and black camo for years. He's been stripped down and is in the process of repainting to become the command mech (HGN-736) for my C* C3i Level II.

MAD-4S Marauder II. 1st Marik Militia. This one was built using Siberian Troll's "Reseen" mod to make it look hunched over like the Unseen. so simple even I could pull it off. :) Close up below.

IS Standard BA. Just arrived yesterday ( by FedEx at almost 8 P.M.!). This point will probably be C*, maybe 1st MM.

Marauder. Unseen plastic from the 90's. Just sitting on the palette. He was there for comparison to the MAD-4S mod.

Orion. 1st Marik Militia. The classic FWL mech. He's the "command mech" of the lance. Dual-cockpit if using advanced rules.

Vindicator. House Ma-Tsu Kai. I having fun coming up with the paint scheme for this one and the Raven. House Ma-Tsu Kai's colors are "Liao green with ivory and gold highlights." I painted the left arm and leg on this one ivory and his left fist is gold.

Raven. House Ma-Tsu Kai. The beak top is in ivory, the underside is gold. Both legs are ivory with some gold highlighting. Some other trim in gold.

Cataphract. House Ma-Tsu Kai. Assembled and based, ready to prime.

The plastic unseens. All painted back in the 1990's. I'm presently getting the mold lines off that I can see through the paint. Then they'll get stripped and painted for their new lances.

Warhammer. House Ma-Tsu Kai. A Liao "Hot Hammer" of course!

Archer. 1st Marik Militia.

Battlemaster. Unsure. He could end up as Ma-Tsu Kai or 1st Marik Militia. I'm also considering him as the base for my 3rd Davion Guards lance. Of course, I have 3 "Reseen" Battlemasters sitting in my box so I have plenty to assign. :) I want my Unseen BM to "pop" however, so it will most likely be assigned to a favorite unit.

Once I finish them up in a week or two, I'll have a House Ma-Tsu Kai lance, a lone Death Commando, a 1st Marik Militia Assault/Fire lance, and the start of my Comstar C3i Level II (2nd Army).

Oh, and, as promised, a closeup of the MAD-4S mod. Thanks again to Siberian Troll on the classic Battletech Forum for figuring this one out and posting it. I love the hunched over look of the mod. It apes the original Unseen Maruader II posture, and the low angle makes it look more threatening and aggressive, almost like a chained pit bull straining to jump. :)

And here's the link for Siberian Troll's mod post: http://bg.battletech.com/forums/index.php/topic,12991.0.html]http://bg.battletech.com/forums/index.php/topic,12991.0.html

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