08 August 2012

[Battletech] Marian Hegemony: The II Cohors, IV Legio Comitatensis REDUX

Ok, I was crunching numbers again (does it ever stop?) and decided that I had a mess on my hands. As cool as the idea of a completely AC-using unit was, I had speeds and ranges all over the place. Plus, the poor little Hunchback was just along for the ride!

If you want to see the previous incarnation, it is here.

My supposition is that the Marian High Command has decided to fill out the TO&E post-Jihad but to keep its peculiar vehicle-heavy formation as an experiment (and a cost saving measure, as well). There are no infantry units listed  becuase each legion has an attached Auxiliary Legion from which the infantry assets are drawn (and to fully fully developed at a later time).

Note also that anything with a * is a mech I own. The others (mostly vehicles) I need to purchase.

II Cohors Tempestas of the IV Legio Comitatensis (35112 BV)

I Manipulus Grandines (12670 BV) 

I Centuria (5961 BV)
1. Orion ON1-M (1414)*
2. Thunderbolt TDR-7SE (1809)*
3. Centurion CN9-A (945)*
4. Vindicator VND-1R (1024)*
5. Panther PNT-9R (769)*

II Centuria (6709 BV)
1. Wolverine WVR-9M (1617)*
2. Ghost GST-11 (1244)
3. Griffin GRF-1N (1272)*
4. Shadow Hawk SHD-5M (1430)*
5. Dervish DV-6M (1146)*

Completely shuffled with some new designs. The I Centuria has a 4/6 movement profile, the II Centuria a 5/8 (except for the Ghost which is 6/9/0). The ACs are spread around so if I use specialty ammo it's better utilized.

II Manipulus Vertex (7459 BV)

I Centuria (3705 BV)
1. Spider SDR-5V (622)*
2. Fulcrum Hover Tank (1167)*
3. Gladius Hover Tank (586)*
4. Gladius Hover Tank (586)*
5. Kanga Hover Tank, AC (744)*

II Centuria (3754 BV)
1. Locust LCT-1V2 (568)
2. Fulcrum Hover Tank (1167)
3. Saracen Hover Tank (673)
4. Saracen Hover Tank (673)
5. Saracen Hover Tank (673)

III Manipulus Fulgur (7286 BV)

I Centuria (3709 BV)
1. Spider SDR-5V (622)*
2. Fulcrum Hover Tank (1167)*
3. Pegasus Scout Tank (640)*
4. Pegasus Scout Tank (640)*
5. Pegasus Scout Tank (640)*

II Centuria (3577 BV)
1. Spider SDR-5V (622)*
2. Fulcrum Hover Tank (1167)
3. Saladin Hover Tank (596)
4. Saladin Hover Tank (596)
5. Saladin Hover Tank (596)

Mixed up the centuries in these two maniples. The range bands work together better.

And we still have Big Bertha (the punishment Kanga).

IV Manipulus Boanerges (7697 BV)

I Centuria (5641 BV)
1. Awesome AWS-9Q (1875)*
2. Shrek PPC Carrier (935)*
3. Shrek PPC Carrier (935)*
4. Heavy LRM Carrier (948)*
5. Heavy LRM Carrier (948)*

II Centuria (2056 BV)
1. Warrior VTOL H-7A (292)
2. Warrior VTOL H-7A (292)
3. Warrior VTOL H-7A (292)
4. Karnov VTOL (Periphery) (590)
5. Karnov VTOL (Periphery) (590)

The only change here was moving out the Panther in I Centuria and replacing it with a -9Q Awesome (thank you, MUL design people!). Now I Centuria can throw out PPC x10, LRM-20 X 8, and ECM! The Awesome is named "Maximus." That's "the best" in Latin and is a reference to Zeus's Roman title of "Jupiter Optimus et Maximus."