03 June 2011

Remembering Gary

Well, I'm getting ready for game night....it's the new "evil" game (Hackmaster 4E) in which my character is a LE Cavalier devoted to the god Hextor, Herald of Hell and Patron of Tyranny. Tomorrow we're day-tripping to North Texas RPG Con in Dallas, an OSR gaming con.

But it brings to mind Gary. Three years ago when Gary died, my 14 y.o. daughter (11 at the time) did the following pencil sketch:

I think she captured the essence of old school art with this one. It's a shame, though; the scan doesn't do justice to the original.

Tomorrow is also International Gamers Day, so it's very appropriate that we'll be slinging dice tomorrow. Have a great weekend, people. May all your hits be crits.


Jason Zavoda said...

Scans are not great with sketches. I can make out the beholder but very little else.

Have a great time at the con. Perfect place to be on gamer day.

Anthony N. Emmel said...

Well, if you open up the sketch in a new tab and expand the size to actual, it gets better, but still rough.

And the con was great! Blog after mass later. :)