26 April 2011

V is for Victim and Volt

Victim. That's one thing that characters should never be. They're supposed to be heroes by God, not a meal for a rodent with nasty, sharp, pointy teeth!

Just saying....


AC: 3 [16]                                   Special: Immune to electricity
HD: 2+1                                      Move: 6
Attacks: Bite and tail                    HDE/XP: 3/60

A volt is a weird, floating, bug-like creature that latches onto the neck of its target (d6-1 damage). Once it hits, the volt is attached until either itself or the victim is dead; it will continue to do d6-1 damage per round automatically by sucking blood. Its tail has to roll to hit but gains a +4 to hit; if it does connect, it does 2d6 electrical damage. The volt is completely immune to all electrical attacks.
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