14 April 2011

L is for Lizard King

Another long day. I had to run to Dallas with my priest and then a rosary service at the funeral home for a parishioner who died. Tomorrow I'll be serving as an acolyte at the funeral mass, but tomorrow morning I might actually be able to get a full blog done. Today, it's just a S&WWB monster entry. Enjoy!

Lizard King

AC: 3 [16]                                     Special: Skewering
HD: 8                                            Move: 12/15 (when swimming)
Attacks: Trident                             HDE/XP: 9/1100

The Lizard King is a giant, more intelligent specimen of his kind. He lords it over several local tribes of lizard men, banding them together and requiring that they bring him human sacrifices from the surrounding lands. The Lizard King is armed with a magical trident that does 3d6+2 damage. If, however, he makes his to hit roll by 5 or more, the weapon will hit for double damage with a minimum of 15 points damage.
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