11 April 2011

I is for Iron Cobra

Monday. It's been a long day lecturing on WW2, so no profound thoughts today. However, I do have another treat for S&WWB ready.

Iron Cobra

AC: 0 [19]                                       Special: Immune to Sleep, Charm, Web; Poison
HD: 1                                              Move: 12
Attacks: Bite                                   HDE/XP: 4/140

An iron cobra is a magical snake crafted by a mage to serve as a guardian for its tower. While relatively weak at first glance, that same constructed nature makes it fairly resilient. First, it is AC 0. Second, as a mindless being, it is immune to sleep and charm spells. Third, it can blend into shadows and can attack with surprise with a 5-in-6 chance. Fourth, its fangs are connected to a reservoir of poison; the victim must save at -2 or die. However, its reservoir can only carry three doses of poison; some mages replace the poison with sleep-inducing drugs instead (normal save). Fifth, it is immune to the effects of web. Lastly, it saves as a 12th level Magic-User.
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