20 April 2011

Q is for Queen and Quaggoth

Queen. No, not Queen Yolanda of Celene or the Queen of Hearts or even Queen Elizabeth of England, but these guys.

For whatever reason, Queen was the gamer band. At least in Longview, Texas. It's not just the Highlander soundtrack/"It's a Kind of Magic" album. Take "One Vision" from the "Iron Eagle" soundtrack. Ever since I started playing Rifts when it came out, it just feels like an anthem for the Coalition States. 

Some of my best brainstorming for gaming and creating adventures comes from times when I'm listening to Queen. Of course, I also get similar vibes off of Nightwish, Blind Guardian, and Hammerfall.



AC: 6 [13]                                    Special: Immune to Poison
HD: 1+2                                       Move: 4
Attacks: Claws or weapon             HDE/XP: 1/15

Quaggoth are a large (7'+) degenerate race that are covered in white, shaggy fur. If they are armed when encountered, the weapons will be either two-handed swords or battle axes. If they are not armed, their claws strike  for 1d6 damage (count both claws as a single attack). Quaggoth are totally immune to poison. 
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