05 April 2011

D is also for Dalgard's Minotaurs

Well, I guess I'll give this a shot as well. Here are the S&WWB stats for Lord Dalgard's minotaurs as mentioned in a previous post earlier today.

But before that, we need an important spell for the work to follow!

Animate Dead Monsters
Spell Level: C5
Range: Referee's discretion
Duration: Permanent

This spell allows the cleric to animate one monster of greater than 3 HD for every two levels of experience the caster has. Corpses rise as zombies and have HD equal to those they had in life. In all other ways, they are similar to zombies. Skeletal remains rise with one half of the HD they had in life and in all ways are treated as skeletons.

And now, the Monsters: 

(Dalgard's) Skeletal Minotaurs

AC: 6 [13]                                                   Special: Immune to sleep, charm
HD: 3 + 2                                                    Move: 12
Attacks: Battle Axe                                      HDE/XP: 4/120

These are animated monster skeletons.

However, Dalgard also animated the tribe's leader as a special intelligent undead. It has been several decades back, but I do remember that I had to quest for some special tomes and components and the like.

(Dalgard's) Skeletal Minotaur Leader

AC: 2 [17]                                                  Special: See below
HD: 8                                                          Move: 12
Attacks: Battle Axe +3                              HDE/XP: 10/1400

This prime example of a Minotaur dwarfed even his peers in life. Now in Undeath he coldly serves his master. Clad in magical maille (+3) and wielding an enchanted battle axe (+3, +4 vs.elves), the mere sight of this colossus striding across a battle field is enough to make mere mortals (level 3 and under) flee in terror. So infused is he with the Power of the Dark Gods that magical weapons are needed to hit him; silver weapons will do half damage. Like other skeletons, he is immune to sleep and charm.
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