22 March 2013

The April A-toZ Challenge is upon us!

Well, the A-to-Z challenge starts in a little oer a week. I did not participate last year; I was too depressed over the lack of a job. this year I work full-time and am willing and able to participate. Go figure.

In 2011, I concentrated on Fantasy RPGs, specifically Swords & Wizardry and original D&D. I was considering that but I'm leaning more toward Comic RPGs like Villains and Vigilantes, Champions, Mutants and Masterminds 3e/DC Adventures. On the other hand, I've also been toying around with thoughts for a Dangerous Journeys/Mythus campaign set in Avillonia (aka the British Isles). Of course, I might throw out a complete curve ball and write on a native Dreamlands campaign for Call of Cthulhu. We'll see. I have a week to ponder some more.

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Anthony N. Emmel said...

And, I'm number 1128!