01 July 2013

Sci-Fi Monday: Star Wars Volturnus Campaign (d20)

Well, after much soul-searching and reflection, I decided the Star Wars campaign will be d20. So, this weekend, initial planning and character creation began. The timeframe is the Old Republic, set in roughly the same time as the MMO, just before the breakout of hostilities between the Republic and the Sith Empire. The Jedi Council is entrenched on Tython and is sending an expedition to the newly-(re-)discovered world of Volturnus. A previous scouting expedition has not reported in and the council has not reestablished contact. Therefore, in truly dense Jedi fashion, another team is being sent to investigate. As to the location of Volturnus, I'm thinking somewhere between the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route, in the vague vicinity of Korriban-Yavin-Wayland (which is still a HUGE area).
I don't have a problem with characters starting out at high level; it makes the game more fun and more like the movies. Character level at start is 9. I'm using Mad Irishman's fillable character sheet. Characters to date:

Sgt. Kane "Bane" Deathchant (played by Will), Soldier 6/Elite Trooper 3. On detached duty from the Black Lion Squad (Republic Special Forces), Bane's role is military advisor to the expedition. One interesting thing to note is that I have adapted the shield rules from Saga Edition's Knights of the Old Republic Guide for d20 use. Heavy shields are DR 15, 10 for medium, 5 for light. They're powered up as a free action and last for the combat period; any damage over 15 collapses the shield which cannot be used again in the current encounter. One power cell allows 5 power-ups, whether or not the shield collapses. Crits manage to bypass the shield. Not sure how over-powered it is yet, but I'd rather not kill everyone outright. Surprisingly enough, my son did not want to play a Jedi. His character sheet is found here.
Chamurra (played by my wife, Beth), Scout 8/Bounty Hunter 1. Chamurra is a Wookiee scout who has recently taken up the mantle of bounty hunter. She has worked with both the Jedi and the Republic Armed Forces before. Chamurra has joined the expedition as additional military support; she also believes that the Star Devils pirate gang is based somewhere in the area. Definitely a bounty worth checking  into. Her character sheet is found here.
Daughter #1 (Kat) isn't sure yet. Daughter #2 (Rene') is thinking about a Jedi of some sort. We'll finalize that this week.
I am looking forward to running this game. As play progresses, we'll see who the bigger enemy is: the Star Devils or the Sith. That big battle in SF2 Starspawn of Volturnus might not happen; the plan is that the Sith Empire sends a force to find some Sith artifact or something. But the players might not go that route; it might culminate into a fight with the Star Devil and his pirates. Of course, creatures like the Quickdeath will be Sith creations from long ago, but the Sith Empire does not have to show up.
As an aside, none of the art used in this blog is my own, but was garnered from a variety of places on the net. I make no claim to ownership or creation of said art, and am merely using in my own private game.
Until next time, gentle readers, may the Force set you free!
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