19 July 2013

Fantasy Friday: Gygax Day 2013

Well, Gygax Day is almost upon us. This year, Gary would have been 75, so it seems appropriate to do a little more than usual. CLD's Friday night games will resume on the 26th, so I'm pushing for at least cake. "Hope it's chocolate for me!" (Thank you, Jeff Gaffigan!)
The Guardians of the Polar Bear (my home/family group) is planning it to be a bit more elaborate. I'm thinking a party and celebration of Gary, the man who wanted to be know as the man "who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else." There will be some grilling...just dogs and some burgers, I'm thinking, some baked beans, potatoes chips and some dips, a cake. And then the afternoon will be spent gaming. I've not decided yet on the game. Keep or Hommlet seems a little too cliched; I might go with Gamma World and The Legion of Gold, my actual favorite of Gary's modules. Or I might run the group through a DCC RPG funnel; not Gary's work, but definitely fun.
Hopefully, I can keep it from becoming too maudlin and sappy, as I did in this post: Z is for Zagyg.
A report will, of course, follow on Sunday the 28th. :)
So, until next time, gentle readers, let's get ready to game like it's 1979!
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