12 July 2013

Fantasy Friday: DCC Goodness Continues

Well, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I ordered the DCC RPG this morning (Jeff Easley cover), Sailors on the Starless Sea (a 0-level funnel module), and Emirikol was Framed! because, well, Emirikol is da Man! I also ordered a set of "funky" dice to go with the game and, as soon as I get the Paypal invoice, I'll place my order for all 7 issues of the Crawl! fanzine. I am stoked. I haven't been this excited for a game since December, 1981, at my grandparent's house when I was trying to figure out by weight and shaking if the gift from my aunt was Gamma World or the D&D Basic set. Really! I mean, I love gaming and always have, but this feels...special. It really does feel like 1981 all over again!
I'm also the type of person who jumps all into something when I'm sold. I've already printed off 25+ 4-person character sheets using Purple Sorcerer's character builder and have installed their app on my smart phone (Droid, of course!). If the initial game goes well (probably next weekend), the plan for next payday is to buy my wife a hardcover rulebook and 4 sets of dice for her and the kids. The kids also seem really interested in this game--they've already been sorting through the funnel characters and picking out their own "best" sheet for the funnel. Nobody appears to have noticed the Caravan Guards or Nobles (short and long sword respectively) among the pile. :) The next payday after that will involve rulebooks for the kids (although I might wait and see when the 3rd printing of the standard rule book will appear ).
Hmmm, I was just thinking I might want to pick up either The Ruins of Ramat or The Witch of Westfield from Brave Halfling. I'm considering adapting Hommlet and either of those modules would make for a good funnel in the area. The cleric killed in Witch could be Canoness Y'dey. Hmmm, indeed.

Until next time, gentle readers, let the dice fly high!
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