11 April 2013

Upcoming Changes in the Blog

A quick post to say that I'm really enjoying my second time working on the A-to-Z Challenge. Last time (2011) I participated in an attempt to become a more frequent blogger and, after the challenge , I fell back into my habit of posting every three months or so. I have determined that the problem is a lack of structure. Therefore, I am announcing that I will now have three themed days a week on which I will post.
First off, leading the charge is Fantasy Monday. This could be anything from book or movie reviews or ruminations on whatever fantasy RPGs are catching my fancy at the time. this is could be AD&D, B/X, DragonQuest, Hackmaster, whatever. It might even include urban fantasy such as the works of Charles de Lint or Kim Harrison or games like Vampire: The Masquerade.
Next up for midweek I'll post on Warhammer Wednesdays. Not, not the bloody miniatures game that changes rules every two years, but the original, first edition RPG. This is a game that I have not run or played in years, but it is still a game that I hold close to my heart. Maybe I'll be able to convince my gaming group,  CLD, to give it a try.
Now, having said that Warhammer Wednesday will focus on the FRP, occasionally a post about my DIY WH40K Marine Chapter, the Blood Cross, might pop up. So, be prepared for that eventuality. :)

Finally, I'll end up the week with Sci-Fi Friday! Like fantasy Monday, this will be a hodge podge of reviews, thoughts about RPGs or MMOs, whatever catches my fancy or attention that day. Expect to see Mutants and Masterminds, Villains and Vigilantes, Battletech, Stars Without Number, Traveller, SWTOR, and many other topics on this day.
Of course, my AD&D theme for the A-to-Z challenge preempts this and I plan on starting up on 01 MAY 2013 with my first Warhammer Wednesday post. I can't wait. :)

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