04 April 2013

D is for Deities

Today's is running late. work caught me up so it'll be a little short.

The deities of Toneeze Wurld (officially Hackmaster Wurld #162) are varied. They tend to be primarily Greyhawk deities. However, there are others, mostly due to the transposition of the City of the Invincible Overlord as the major urban hub for the continent.

Mighty Hextor, Many-Armed Herald of Hell, grants us the strength to dominate and rule!
The chief deities of the CSIO are Odhinn (CN), Thoth (N), and . . . .Hextor (LE). Hextor has long been one of my favorite deities for LE characters. I replaced Morg and the largest temple in CSIO is the Hellbridge Temple of the Herald of Hell. I portray the City-State as old and decadent like ancient Lankhmar. Thoth has one of the oldest temples in the city as God of Magic and Scribes. Odhinn is a more recent transplant, his priests coming in with the latest Overlord and taking up shop in a long abandoned and shuttered temple of some ancient and forgotten war god. There are minor shires to dark deities and good deities and even the Frog God and Wastri the hopping prophet.

One of the more popular deities on the Wurld is Ehlonna, the Lady of the forests, worshiped by Elves, Halflings, fairy and sylvan creatures and even many humans. The Dwarves worship their deified kings, the long-death Fathers of their Race. 

Familiar deities to most of us are gods of the Southern deserts (Egyptian) and the gods of the frozen North (Norse) are also present. Their are few worshipers of the Greco-Roman deities these days, but they are remembered and occasional relics of Jupiter, Apollo, and Minerva are found.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, look to the heavens for aid!
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