13 April 2013

L is for Lizard Man

This will be interesting post because I'm doing it from my phone. Therefore it should also be short.

Lizard man not lizard folk. Another example of what is wrong with gaming today-- too much political correctness. There's nothing wrong with the term lizard man; these are not humans. we do not need to humanize them in this fashion. Is not sexist to call them Lizard Men.

Secondly lizard man are usually a missed roleplaying opportunity. They are listed as neutral in alignment; therefore, they are not morally opposed to the free peoples of the campaign world. Take for example the lizard man in module B2. They're not harassing merchants on the road or attacking the keep. In fact the only interact with the players if the characters walk across the top of their mound. They are protecting their territory and their young.

Could not the players interact with them diplomatically? Maybe they have information about the caves. Maybe they have information about the bandits; maybe they will assist the players in the fight against the cave of chaos. This is actually highlighted in a D&D in the salt marsh series. The players do not interact correctly with the lizard man then the town of salt marsh could will be destroyed by the sahaugin.

Well, until Monday,
gentle readers, think about parlay first fight second.

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