08 September 2013

D&D Challenge Day 8: Favorite Charcter I Have Played

My favorite character to play in recent years was my 11th Level Halfling thief, Tomman Willowgrove. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must point out that Tomman was a Hackmaster character, but, as I mentioned yesterday, Hackmaster should be considered a "D&D" game due to its license, mechanics,  and the fact that it is a continuation of the 1st/2nd edition "engine."

Not mine drawing; found on "teh interwebz," but a good representation of Tomman, anyway.

I designed Tomman to be an homage to Bilbo Baggins. A little older in life with really good skills as a tailor (somewhere around 80%!), he was thrust into adventure. Hackmaster is a deadly game, so I had to be very careful with a single-classed thief, not doing much fighting before 4th to 5th and serving mostly as the party's "box man" (trap finder and lock picker). But somewhere around 5th, I started the backstabbing and the sneaking more. Since Tomman was single-classed, unlike everyone else in the party, I was hitting 9th level, while they were all at 6/6. And finally, when my son rolled up his first character, Richard Willowgrove, the backstory was that he was Tomman's son. Tomman had recently died, and Richard had found and read Tomman's adventuring journal. Rich then felt the love of adventure growing in his heart and decided to hit the road and find an adventure like his father.

And there you have it, gentle readers; my favorite PC is a Hobbit. :)
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