03 September 2013

D&D Challenge Day 2: Favorite Playable Race and Day 3: Favorite Playable Class

Favorite playable race is a bit boring for me; class segues into it as well. You see, as long as I've played the game, I've always pictured my alter ego as a noble human cleric, cavalier or paladin striving against the forces that are the antithesis of weal. Now, I have played every race at least once and probably several times each, but I've always felt comfortable with humans. Of course, in my darker moments, I've pictured myself as a dark knight or cleric of a god of tyranny such as Hextor.

However, a realization dawned upon me a couple of months ago. I was sitting on my front porch after mowing the lawn earlier in the day and having finished my evening repast (fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, field peas, hot water cornbread, cake, iced tea--all prepared by myself!), smoking a pipe of fine tobacco, and quaffing a frosty mug of tasty beer in my bare feet. I suddenly realized that I'm a Hobbit!
Now, I've played a few Hobbits in my day (or Halflings if you insist). In fact, my first B/X character was a halfling with the most imaginative name of Frodo. I really like the take on the race in DCC as well....luck magnets. And, out of all my characters, Tomman Willowgrove, who made it to 11th level as a thief in Hackmaster 4e, is my favorite character ever to play. So, while I do like and play a lot of humans, I do like Hobbits!

Now, here's where it gets dicey. My favorite class has to be the cleric. I play a lot of these, as I've mentioned. And, while I do end up as the combat medic and medic at times, it's still fun (and the class has the ability) to wade into the frontline to assist the fighters; this is especially true if weapon selection is expanded ala the Dragon #115 article "Hammer of Thor, Spear of Zeus." Plus, the roleplaying potential is there, already built into the class if the DM uses it. Visions, dreams, even servants sent to put the cleric and his friends on the right path (hopefully, the path of adventure!)
So there you have it: Hobbits on side, clerics on the other. And, no, I don't like Hobbit clerics. Some things are just too much to fathom! :)
Until tomorrow, gentle readers, enjoy a mug and a pipe of your best!
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