21 January 2012

Additions to Wave 2/2012

I decided to go ahead and add 4 more units to Wave 2.

For the Marian Hegemony, a Kanga jump tank and a Pegasus scout tank (for some odd reason, I had just 1 sitting in my box; they're sold in pairs). Technically, Kangas are extinct post-Jihad for everybody; even prior to the Jihad they were pretty much restricted to ComStar and the Word of Blake. Only 50 survived the Battle of Tukayyid. However, Secunda Cohors of IV Legio Comitatensis is made up of fast hover tanks, and I can't resist adding a Kanga to my TO&E. This is not the jump capable Kanga, but is the downgraded AC-10 version that lost its jump capability and is now merely a hover tank. I see it as an old relic kept going by the copious use of spit and bailing wire and used as a "punishment" vehicle. "Keep the primus pilus happy, or you'll be serving on old Bertha in the next assault!"

Lastly, I went ahead and put together the second LRM Carrier for the 4th Mac and the Phoenix Hawk LAM for my ComStar Recon Level II.

So, Wave 2 is big and ambitious and the count is currently at 12 'mechs, 6 vehicles, and 4 squads of battle armor. Woo-Hoo!
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