20 March 2010

Help, save us!

Well. yesterday was th last day of my children's spring break. We didn't get to go anywhere during the week because my break at grad school was last week. Go figure.

Anyway, Beth decided it would be cool to spend the day at Dinosaur Valley State Park (website). So in the morning we gathered up sandwich supplies, snacks, drinks, and waters and headed out.

Beth had never been there before and it's been 30 years since I was last there...but we spent a day clambering over rocks, crossing the Palauxy River on foot and looking at dinosaur prints in the river.

It's really a nice little park and we're making plans to go back this summer and camp out and enjoy all the trails and such at our leisure. Plus, since the river will be lower in the summer, tracks that were unavailable for viewing will be present then. :)
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