09 March 2010

And back again....!


Ok, I'm really bad at writing blogs apparently. It's been well over a year since my first post. Well, time to get cracking!

Let's see, what to write about....

Well, I've lost over 70 pounds since last June. Go me. I still feel like I need to shave off another 20 or so, but I haven't lost anything since Thanksgiving. On the other hand, I've been bouncing around in the 190s, so there is no "upward mobility" either. Heh. Well, since spring is here, maybe we can get back on board with the program and get the rest off. :)

Let's see, what else? Well, all of my kids are gaming now, from the 14 year old to the 8 year old...AD&D (First Edition, there is no other!). You can read about it here:


I also need to update there. We've only had one other session....also sidetracked by life. Starting up again this Sunday, if all goes according to plan (does it ever? ~sigh~).

School..final semester. I should graduate with my M.A. in History this May. I'm looking at teaching high school and have a couple of leads. I'm also looking at Region VII to go through the certification process.

SCA. I'm also working on finishing up the Crusader helm that my squire-brother made. I have the padding in and it's been painted white to match the top half of my arms. I'm thinking about making mantling and a torse with three red crosses on it to complete the effect. Add a red tabard with gold fleur de lys and I'll be my arms! Heh. I'll be sure to post pics. Oh, and I have the maille to make the drape for it.

Also, my name and device finally made it past the heralds. Let's see where is a pic? Ok, there it is at the top! Drawing by the most talented Baron Tostig of Rosenfeld, one of the few heralds who know what the deal is. Oh, and teh registered name is Bernhart von Bruck. Nice and German :)

I guess that's all for now. I really need to blog at least once a week. Maybe I can do that. Yeah, right!
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