19 June 2013

Warhammer (40K) Wednesday: Blood Cross Termies, Reclusiarch Stephanus Corrino, and the ETL Challenge

More Warhammer 40K this week. Over at Bolter & Chainsword, they're running the second annual E Tenebrae Lux challenge (ETL II for short).  That's Latin, gentle reader,s and means "Light from Darkness." Essentially it's a contest between Forum factions: Blood Angels, Black Templars, etc: whatever chapter has a Codex. Codex: Space Marines is subdivided into Ultramarines, Codex (Canon) Marines,  and DIY Chapters; they still count as a one group, however, since they all utilize C:SM
The challenge is simple enough. Participants vow for their faction x points worth of models to assemble and paint, to at least "tabletop ready" level. Points are determined as WYSIWYG. The participant has until 15 AUG to complete his vow. If he finishes before 15 AUG, he can vow up to 4 more times. However, if one fails to complete a subsequent vow, all previous completions DO NOT COUNT. Anyone who fails has to wear a "badge of shame" in their signature block until the end of the year. The faction that completes the most points gets bragging rights until the next challenge. Oh, and sorry, but vowing ending on 15 JUN. The main purpose of the challenge, by using point value vows, is to build up tabletop forces in blocks.
And here is my vow:
"I, Lord Kjeran, answer the call of E TENEBRAE LUX and vow to complete a Terminator Chaplain and a Terminator Squad of the Blood Cross Chapter from Codex: Space Marines of total value of 370 on or before August 15th. Success will bring eternal glory to the Blood Cross and the Liber Astartes and failure will doom me to bear the Badge of Shame until the year-end.
"(I disallowed the 5 points for the heavy flamer because no squad of 5 can have 2 heavy weapons. However, my Terminators have been hanging around since '96 or so and that's all the arms I have for rights: 3 storm bolter, 1 assault cannon, one hvy flamer--and Decius wants his flamer!)"
As noted, the points have to be codex legal, so I gave up the +5 for Decius's Heavy Flamer. As you can see from the picture below of the pieces waiting to be assembled, my termies are 5 mid-1990's models that have been sitting in a tackle box for almost 20 years waiting to get paint! And, by codex, only 1 heavy weapon per 5. No biggie. It's just 5 points. :) The squad leader is missing his banner pole, but that's not a deal breaker because I wouldn't use it if I had it. Banners do look awesome and add to presentation, but they make transport a hassle.
These models will represent my Chapter's Reclusiarch, Brother-Chaplian Stephanus Corrino in Terminator Armor and 1st Squad (Fire Team A) of 1st Company, the Death Dealers. If I complete this vow (I should) I'm going to vow either a dreadnought or a tactical squad next up. I'm a little late getting going because, since I assembled the models on Sunday, we've had thunderstorms every day here in NE Texas with humidity over 80%: not good weather to prime in.

Anyway, until next time, gentle readers.
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