13 May 2013

Sci-Fi Monday: I'm a Glitter Boy!

Just so you know, I'm a glitter boy! Or, I guess to be more precise, my grandson will be. Back a few years ago when he was getting the revision of Rifts Sourcebook One together, Kevin Siembieda was going through the infamous "Crisis of Treachery." A longtime employee of Palladium Books had embezzled and stolen somewhere in the neighborhood of anywhere from a quarter to a half of a MILLION dollars in money and goods from the company. Palladium fans rallied around Kevin to help him out and, a longtime Palladium fan myself, I threw my support behind the company. apparently Kevin noticed because he sent me an email wanted to know what I though about SB1 when it was published.
Apparently a certain NEMA general had a division's worth of troops put in deep freeze, awaiting the day when they could be awoken and go on to rebuild North America. He gave a rallying speech which would give hope to untold generations to come. That general was Anthony Emmel. :) So, apparently my grandson will be a glitter boy pilot and a general. And named after me as well! I'm so proud!
And that, gentle readers , is my one clain to sci-fi fame.
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