26 May 2010

And the second session.

Chello! And this will bring the blog up to date. Session from 1 JAN 2010.



Cast of characters:

Katherine (13.5)/ Aislinn Blasdesong, a High Olve Fighter/Magic-User, CG.
Rene' (almost 12)/Anana of Glorsten, a Hill Dwur Fighter/Thief, NG. (and war dog!)
Jenny (10)/Elvina Everheart, a Half-Olve Ranger, NG.
Will (8)/Richard Willowgrove, a Hobniz Thief, NG.
GM NPC/Dalgard Nordis, a Human Cleric of Pelor, NG.

With some of their newfound wealth, some of the players went and obtained maille from the traders and even sold some of their excess gear ("what a bargain!"). Calmert also came by and healed the cleric so that he could attend the meeting. 

As evening drew near, Ostler informed the party that the Town Council wanted to meet with them after dinner. The party assented and went down to have dinner together in the Inn. After dinner, they went over to the Council Building where the fact that bandits were harassing caravans was relayed to the party. However, the problem to date had been confined to the northeast; goblins to the south was a new problem. Would the party go and see what they could learn. This heretofore unknown dungeon complex could easily be turned into a lair by goblins, cutting Hommlett off from the lands to the south. The party, naturally, consented, although the dwur was curious (under her breath) as to what Hommlett's "heartfelt gratitude" was in solid gold....!

To date, the party has paid no attention to Kobort, Turuko, Spugnoir, etc. That might change after they return from the latest expedition to the South. 

The next morning, they set. In the meantime, the goblins had invaded the Nameless Dungeon. I rolled up a tribe of 70 members + the chief and his retinue. they set themselves in some of the empty rooms plus a couple of the rooms that the party had already cleared.

Upon arriving in the complex, the half-olve ranger pointed out that maybe they should check out the rooms they had already been to. The two older players rolled their eyes and said it was a waste of time, but followed her anyway. smart girl. Opening the doors to the large room the the stirges had nested in, a cry of "Bree Yark!" let them know that were now goblins infesting the halls...just as the Council of Hommlett had feared! However, the party was not surprised and were quickly able to dispatch the little terrors. The dwur's faithful hound took a hit, as did the cleric. The Cleric burned 1 of his 3 CLWs for the day on himself (why is he always the one getting hit? :? ). The Ranger also took a hit, but with 17 hp, it was a mere scratch. The Dwur and the Olve praised the ranger's foresight in rechecking the other parts of the complex. They thus continued forward. They came to a room that was previously empty, but again, the soon-to-be familiar cry of "Bree Yark!" let them know that there were more goblins present here!

(A tactical stupidity on my part...I should have sent a runner to surround them here, but I forgot. They would be rectified in the next battle.)

Once again they slaughtered the little horrors. They opened the doors to go down the corridor and, at the next intersection, a goblin patrol! The goblins (for a change) won initiative and sent a runner down the corridor to the south. The weasal room had been selected as a secure treasure room and was guarded by a goblin leader and his 5 assistants. While the patrol flooded the passageway, 1/2 of the special guard detail run north to help them out. The other 3 run east to enter the room the party was leaving and cut them off! 

The fighting was fierce! Oh lucky the PCs that had the foresight to buy maille! The hobniz was a dead shot, hitting everytime he sent a lead bullet downrange, and usually taking his target down. The olve was in the thick of the battle but pulled back afte recieiving a horrible strike from one of the guards (8-5=3). As fell back to the hobniz, the reinforcements arrived behind her! Screaming that she was going to die, she charged the three goblin guards (equal to orcs, AC 4, hp 7 each) and hit one for 4 points of damage! All three managed to miss her!

Next round, the fight raged in the corridor. The hobniz (who had already learned the hard way about firing into melee--in the last game he had been hit by the ranger in the back for 1 pt of damage) took a chance and sent a bullet toward the wound goblin guard...and pegged him for a full 5 pts dropping him!!! The olve held her own again.

The cleric pulled off the front line to help the hobniz and the olve...the fighting there was just as fierce, but the ranger, dwur and cleric had whittled them down. The hobbit grabbed his club and surged forward into the fight as well and accounted well of himself. After the last goblin finally fell, the cleric healed the elf back up and they went to the weasel room to find the goblin's treasure: a chest with silver and copper and a few gems! (mostly ornamental, but an excellent aquamarine worth 1000 gp).

The party made a big circle...the ants were non-aggressive; they found an exit and backtracked around finding some other minor areas. They found a room with a stone face that needed payment for answers to questions. The ranger finally figured out that "beware the odds" was a subtle clue (she loves Labyrinth) and wanted until question 14 to ask "What does 'beware the odds mean?" The answer is that all his odd questions are lies.

They still found out nothing of import. :)

They managed to stumble across the teleport trap that sent them to the second level, but easily found their way back up. They then ran into the goblin chief, but, after the fight near the treasure room, it was almost anticlimatic. They did find the chief's banner....a black field with a yellow eye......!

((I have decided that this was merely an advance group of a larger tribe and they really only got the subchief. They know nothing at this point, really. Besides, I want to use some Bugbears and wolf riders! :) ))

They finished clearing out level one, finding the skeleton room and the last goblin guard room (set up in what was once the cobra lair...they lost a few themselves clearing that room!).

Rather than heading back to Hommlett, they've decided to sleep at their previous campsite and hit the ruins again and go down through the second level. I wonder if the Council will be concerned...who to check on them: Jaroo or some of Burne's Badgers?

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